Sunday, February 11, 2018

My story presented on the yearly meeting of Czech sailor in Lipstat

The camera stopped two minutes before the end. Here is a summary of the last two minutes: I was explaining that I plat sail away from New York after I finish my PhD, which I've been doing for seven years already. In fact, I keep extending my PhD because my boat is not ready for crossing the oceans yet. I also mentioned that I had been thinking a lot about how to get money for my trip, since I only have savings from my scholarship. That problem got solved by my arrival to Virginia, where I found a lot of parts from wracks. Compared to New York, where even every screw is expensive, I could find anything for free in Virginia. At the same time, I learned how to dumpster dive in New York. So every week when going to my boat to Virginia, I was carrying a large suitcase of sandwiches and sushi, that I found on the streets, and I enjoyed it with my boat neighbors. So I found out that one needs for his life and for sailing even less than I thought.

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