Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lost Dinghy

I spent whole day around my boat yesterday - fixing things and getting the boat ready for the Saturday party (if I happened to forget to invite you, please go ahead and invite yourself - I always do so, and I can tell it works!).

The water is pretty rough these days. After the time on water I find myself walking on a road feeling as if the road was swinging from side to side. The I sit in my office and feel my table is swinging from side to side too. How amazing no?! Not only that I save on living, but imagine how much I save on drugs that would give me this feel!

The night before yesterday I lost my dinghy (not donkey, please don't confuse). It was attached to a metal leader and the waves were so strong that they broke the leader and the dinghy went off. Luckily my neighbor picked me up to the shore in the morning. He also told me not to go to school, but to search the dingy somewhere around the City Island bridge. So I started looking. I found a big cuboid of some float-able material on the way and I picket it up thinking it can save my life once my boat starts sinking in a storm. Then I got as far as to the Orchard beach, but my dinghy was nowhere to be found and I gave up. When I was leaving I saw a construction worker. He was waving at me with a black plastic bag so I went closer. He gave me the bag and said: "A sandwich". I thought he got a free sandwich somewhere, so why shouldn't he share it, but still I was curious. Then I said:
"I lost my dinghy, haven't you seen it anywhere around?"
- "Ohh, you lost that shit?..."
"By the way, where did you get the sandwich?"
- "In a store over there - it was my snack... I thought you were hungry...You slept in the park here, right?"
"No, no, please take it back. I'm just looking for my dinghy here."
- "I thought you were freaking bum!!!"
"Hmm..." (looking at my clothes) "Do I really look like a bum?" (Of course I do!)
"No, you don't.... But you were caring that piece of junk...."

I learned two lessons from this story:
1. True generosity is when you are willing to give up your last snack.
2. Wise generosity is when you don't give it to a rich PhD student.
PS. I found my dinghy later in the afternoon, but that is just another story you don't want to hear.

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