Friday, October 17, 2014

Carrot tops juice

Last week I got a juice machine and 50LB of carrots for $20 in China Town. I hang the carrots in a net in my boat, so it did not turn bad and I've been enjoying plenty of juice every morning and evening for over a week. It gave me a lot of energy - despite of going to sleep after midnight and waking up around 6am I rarely felt tired. Yet, I doubt the quality of the carrots - perhaps there are fertilizers and pesticides getting to the juice.

What to do then? Who knows the situation in US would probably agree with me on that although the junk food is for pennies here, most of the healthy food is insanely overpriced, making it barely affordable for the middle class people, not even mentioning that they would have to drive miles to get it. Here is an example of how much things cost on a farmers markets in New York: $3 for a bunch of carrots; $1 for a single apple. Not that I could not afford to buy it from the money I save by living on a boat, but it won't be my way of doing things.

So I stopped by the Union Square Greenmarket on the way to school and I asked the sellers if I can take tops of carrots (the green part) and they ware happy to give it away to me. According to the book about vegetable juices I've been reading the carrot tops have similar nutritious value as the roots. Let's see how will it taste like - perhaps less delicious than the carrots, but that would be the last thing to bother me.

I've been turning orange, it's time to turn green now!

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